Baby Room 

 6-12 MONTHS 

CEP Mafalda’s nursery in Ibiza has 7 places available for children aged 6-12 months. The nursery follows the EAP (Early Care Team of the Ministry of Education), where activities provided are based on the observations we have made on the children. Through stimulating and fun activities, they are gently prepared for a natural transition to the Toddler Rooms. There is one qualified teacher and one assistant on hand with the children.

The Baby Room provides a warm, nurturing and stimulating environment where the children can develop at their own pace.

The babies at CEP Mafalda are given special attention and consideration due to their young ages and early stages of development. From the moment they arrive, we shower them with love and affection. The infant classroom is designed to provide a nurturing environment which allows the babies to spend most of their time on the ground, gaining the confidence to begin their developmental journeys.

The amount of sleep that infants require varies between individuals but most tend to favour sleeping between 10 and 11. At CEP Mafalda we ensure each child sets their own pace and sleeps accordingly. At 12pm, the babies eat. Food is adapted to each individual’s developmental stage and needs. Our centre supports all mothers who wish to continue breastfeeding. We believe that through respectful partnership and close communication with the family, breastfeeding can continue for as long as the mother and child wish. Between meal times and rest periods, which are the pillars of this early stage, we facilitate play time, experimentation and socialisation … providing a stimulating environment.