Psicopraxis & Adult courses

Psicopraxis is a training center of psychomotor therapy, dedicated to practical training of professionals in the area of ​​motor skills.

We provide training for professionals in education, health and social areas who want to improve their communication.

We are characterized by an open methodology, which is flexible, dynamic and creative, allowing each student to integrate these new concepts according to their requirements.

Through dynamic, transoperative teachings, each student will begin to integrate the principles of psychomotor and learn how to apply them professionally.

The methodology of relational psicopraxis psychomotor therapy, develops a course of action which is currently being pioneered in Spain, despite being created by Carmen Pascual Moral more than 25 years ago

Our center holds seminars, workshops and conferences and offers various courses including the “Master in psychomotor”

You can find more information on courses, dates, times and prices on the link: www.psicopraxis.com