Our Approach

At CEP Mafalda, we want to ensure that your child’s introduction to education is a happy one. We believe in learning through psychomotor play, which promote creativity, trust and confidence, increasing independence, concentration, cooperation and communication skills. Psychomotor play is based on learning through action and movement.

By learning through their experiences, children are encouraged to be curious about their environment and take the lead in their learning process, developing skills and attitudes which lay the foundation for their education.

The centre is designed to help develop daily routines and learn through various activities including psychomotor stimulation, music and artistic expression, role play, etc. which encourage children to:

  • feel happy and confident in the centre
  • observe, explore and learn about their environment
  • develop good habits and foster independence
  • interpret, express and manage emotions and feelings
  • know and respect rules and their parameters
  • discover their physical potential and limitations
  • encourage creative expression through experimentation with all five senses
  • develop their imagination through play, imitation and representation
  • integrate in their classroom, which creates space for communication, collaboration, responsibility and respect
  • express themselves through verbal, physical, musical and mathematical communication​​

At CEP Mafalda, the assigned teacher accompanies each class from baby, to toddler and through to the pre-school room.


Starting & settling in

Starting nursery is a big step in your child’s life and we want to ensure that both you and your child feel welcome. The first few weeks are used as a settling-in time, during this time your child will be gradually introduced to CEP Mafalda’s routines.

This should be an exciting time, however all children react differently to new experiences and some children will need a longer or shorter settling-in period.

 In order to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your child, we have developed a settling-in programme. On your child’s first day, you stay with them. We then gradually extend the length of time your child stays. Whenever possible, we attempt to communicate with each child in their native language during the settling-in period.


A partnership with parents

Parents are a child’s first teachers. We have an open dialogue with parents and encourage them to work with us and take an active part in their child’s development and learning, in a variety of ways:-

  • One-on-one sessions: Teachers are available to talk to parents about their child’s progress with one-on-one sessions, generally on the first Monday of each month
  • Personalised guidance, education and support to parents. Parents can request meetings to discuss and find solutions to issues
  • Bi-monthly school-parent workshops are held on various topics, such as starting big school’ and ‘potty training,’ and these are determined at our general meeting at the beginning of each year
  • Regular screening and diagnostic assessments. Any difficulties or problems in early childhood can be detected and a program of psychomotor therapy designed for rehabilitation. Our assessments follow EAP (Early Care Team of the Ministry of Education) guidelines and we work in collaboration with the EAP to help resolve any issues.
  • We send out monthly newsletters in Spanish and English

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