About Us

CEP Mafalda’s multidisciplinary team, work towards enhancing the personal growth and development of young children, adolescents and adults in the following three specialist areas:


At CEP Mafalda we believe in psychomotor education through action and movement, stimulating children early in their lives. We focus on the development of infants from 0-3 years and our nursery is divided into the following classes:

      • Baby Room: 6-12 months
      • 2x Toddler Rooms: 12-18 months and 18-24 months
      • 2x Pre-school Rooms: 24-30 months and 30-36 months

The nursery operates throughout the year, from 7:30 in the morning to 17:00 in the afternoon. Children can also eat and sleep here. In addition, we run a Summer School for children from 3-6 years old.

Our centre is apolitical, secular and plural. We believe in equality, tolerance and respect for all without discrimination. Our classes are taught in Spanish and we have some of the lowest child ratios in Ibiza. Our objective is to provide support to parents looking to raise their child in a nurturing and stimulating environment. Our Partnership with Parents aims to maximise your child’s personal development, through joint communication, cooperation and participation with parents.


We offer Psicopraxis courses for adults to learn psychomotor methodology including:-

      • Psychomotor courses for professional including workshops, seminars and Master qualifications
      • Infant massage courses for parents and babies


We offer Psychomotor and Psychotherapy for children and adults including:-

      • Psychomotor and psychotherapy for infants, children and adults (in the afternoons and evenings)
      • Rehabilitation and psychomotor therapy for infants and children
      • Education, guidance and personalised support to parents (from CEP Mafalda and other nurseries)
      • Education, guidance and personalised support to education professionals eg for teachers who have children with issues in their care

For more information on our Psicopraxis adult courses or our Psychomotor and Psychotherapy services, please click on the links above.


Our History

CEP Mafalda is a privately owned, Early Childhood Center, authorised by the Education Department of the Balearic Government, since November 2008

CEP Mafalda first opened in 1980 and was previously located in the district of Es Viver, Eivissa. In 2004, we moved to Playa d’en Bossa, San Jordi, San Jose, adapting to the rules set by the Department of Education for nursery schools. Currently the centre is located in a 400m2 building with an outside space of 460m2.

In 2001 the current management team took over the nursery and in addition to offering the nursery school education, began to offer Psicopraxis courses, as well as support and therapy to children, parents and adults.

Our team have trained and taught people to obtain their Master degrees in Psicopraxis. We were also responsible for working with San Jose Town Hall to introduce psychomotor methodology to their schools, in 2002. CEP Mafalda is currently the only Psychomotor centre in Ibiza.

The nursery school, Psicopraxis and Psychomotor and Psychotherapy services make up what CEP Mafalda is today.


Our Staff

  • We are a dedicated a team of professional teachers with a total of 9 staff including the Director and Assistant Director and up to 7 nursery teachers
  • The methodology, organisation and structuring of CEP Mafalda has been developed and coordinated by the Centre’s Psychology team, lead by Director Rosario Dorador López, a qualified child psychologist and the Assistant Director Asunción Iglesias Bert, who is a qualified teacher. Both directors are Psicomotor specialists.
  • Every member of staff is a certified childcare specialist
  • We have student teachers training with us throughout the year, who provide additional care and support to our staff


Safety & Security

We ensure that CEP Mafalda is as safe and secure as possible. There is a single entry and exit point, which has childproof locks. All our teachers are qualified in First Aid and the centre has all up to date certification for Health and Safety, so your children can learn with minimal risk of harm or injury.